Inside Lamborghini Genève #4

Our behind-the-scenes exploration of Lamborghini Geneva continues and for this 4th edition, we are going to meet Diego and Nuno, the sales force of the concession. As a new vehicle salesman, Diego is often the first point of contact for clients with the bull brand. Nuno, on the other hand, manages the after-sales service and therefore ensures the continuity of the privileged relationship that buyers have started to forge with Diego.

The best roads lead to Lamborghini

You never know where life will take you but for Diego and Nuno, it has been beyond their expectations. A pharmacist by trade, Diego has always been passionate about motorsport, even to the point of attending two professional driving schools in parallel with his studies. After working as a pharmacist and then as a pharmacy manager in Italy, he flew to New York, where he worked in the marketing department of a pharmaceutical group. Photography also being one of his passions, the step into marketing is not so surprising. When his fiancée left to continue her studies in Geneva, Diego, being open to challenges, followed her and found a way to combine his passion for the automotive sector and his experience by becoming an intern in the sales and marketing department of Lamborghini Geneva in December 2018. Hired in September 2019, he is now an integral part of this united and passionate team.
Being as passionate as Diego and open to opportunity, Nuno has held several automotive-related positions throughout his career. Starting with being a mechanic, he then moved on to be a stock-keeper, worked in an after-sales service, was in charge of establishing quotes and relations with insurers. When the opportunity to work at Lamborghini Geneva presented itself, at the end of 2019, this man passionate about beautiful mechanics did not hesitate for a second.

Curiosity well placed

Needless to say, Diego and Nuno enjoy contact with clients, the interaction and human relations. At Lamborghini, these aspects are amplified because they have to converse with connoisseurs and experienced amateurs, some of them being circuit drivers, all interested in the details. So they discuss, answer questions, inform and above all, are only too happy to meet the clients’ requests. Buying a Lamborghini is becoming part of an exclusive world, of course, but it is also to integrate into a “team”, spread throughout the world but which defends the same values.

We reap what we sow

Embodying power, luxury and prestige, Lamborghini is at the top of the chain, according to Nuno. “For superior sensations, you have to be an aircraft pilot”. And again… As you know, at Lamborghini, we sow the seeds of passion very early and the famous reduced model of the Countach, with its fascinating Lambo doors (or “butterfly” doors) made the eyes of many children shine. Nuno is one of them and he never thought he would ever come close to the legendary brand. Even if his arrival is still recent, he already has a lasting memory: when he came to the concession for the second time, the mechanics took him for a drive. He then discovered what real car power was, to his delight.
Diego’s passion for Lamborghini also goes back to his childhood, when he watched these extraordinary cars in amazement. Now that he works for a brand that he really considers apart and whose aesthetics and technology he admires (only cars with atmospheric v10 and v12 engines), he can explore and discover the universe and the specifics of each model and interact with colleagues or clients who share his passion. The interaction again and always open and friendly. Perhaps this is how such an exceptional brand has managed to create such a tight bond with people…

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