Inside Lamborghini Genève #3

For this third edition, which is dedicated to the secrets of Lamborghini Genève, we dive into the heart of the beast and get to know the engine better, together with Camillo and Aniello, the winning duo of the mechanical workshop.
With their perfect knowledge of each model, they ensure the maintenance and repairs of the vehicles entrusted to the concession.

Back to basics

Camillo is a mechanic and supervisor. His partner, Aniello, is a technician in electrics and electronics. Their respective skills allow them to complement each other and to manage with greater efficiency any problems that can occur on a car.

Ever-present since the opening of the concession 17 years ago, they both left Fiat when their former director and his partner – whose Diablo they had previously repaired, “it is a small world we live in” – offered them the opportunity to join them in their new adventure.

For those who have read the previous “Inside Lamborghini Genève”, you will remember that they took Claudia under their wing, forming the basis of a united and passionate team.

The passion continues

Working on Lamborghini all day long is obviously a dream for many mechanics, technicians and mechatronics and Camillo and Aniello are no exception to this rule. However, neither one of them dared to imagine working for such a legendary brand but, they recognized a golden opportunity and seized their chance. Their professional involvement has never faltered.

In their trades, they must constantly update their training to keep up with technology. For this reason, they go to Italy several times a year to attend training sessions at the Lamborghini training center. After each training session, they must pass a series of exams in order to be certified. Their motivation to continue their learning process can only stem from their passion for the profession and for the brand, of which they know each model by heart.

History in a nutshell

Camillo and Aniello’s affection for Lamborghini is not just about the brand’s design, power, or cutting-edge technologies, although it is a very strong factor! The two Italians also love the history of the origins and the fiery and avant-garde personality of its founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini. Indeed, few people, after a derogatory remark from Enzo Ferrari, have started building their own sports cars, with the success that we know.

To witness the birth of a beautiful story is a precious moment and our two specialists know only too well as they will never forget the first Lamborghini delivered to the concession, which was not even finished. After months of planning, the dream became reality and it was time to work to maintain it, with an enthusiasm and a respect that are found in all those who approach a Lamborghini.

As professionals, invested and attentive to details, the two men are vigilant at all stages when entrusted with a vehicle, which allowed them to establish a relationship of trust with many clients.

If every part is essential in the making of a legendary brand, we can say without hesitation that Camillo and Aniello are well-oiled parts.

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